Last Updated on 2016-01-02

About QRP EME | General Information

WSJT Software

K1JT, Joe's WSJT software made EME available for avarage terrestrial stations. You may download it for free at: I have used it with great results on 144, 432 and 1296 MHz. On Joe’s home-page you also find all needed information to operate EME. 



This is a great please to share information about EME and of course to ask for help, announce activity and arrange skeds:



This is also great places to get the feel for the activity on EME, especially on JT-modes. Here you easily find almost any time a sked-partner for a test or you see where to listen for signals!  

You find the loggers at:

Please do not post data of any ongoing QSO on the logger. It is okay to exchange after a QSO or after a failed sked details of the test. It is very important that you help to make sure there are no QSO's made thanks to information obtained via the logger and not off the moon! Many thanks!  


Interesting links for EME 

Who is QRV on 432 and up? List of active stations, by PA0PLY:

DXpeditions, special activities and general information on EME, by Make More Miles:

General information on EME and JT65 and interesting links, by DK5YA:

JT65: Get ready for 144 MHz EME (also usable for 432 and up), by EA6VQ:


Interested to try?

Last but not least, I would like to remind you, that I would love to work you off the moon! Please let me know when you are ready to try or you need a signal of the moon to test your equipment. If there is anything I can, do to help you become QRV, let me know, I am happy to assist you!

Just email to   dan [at] hb9q (.) ch

I hope to read soon from you or even better to work you off the moon!