Last Updated on 2011-06-09

HB9Q Group Member: HB9COG

Sam was first licensed as HB9PNV in April of 1979 at the age of 18.

In July of 1982 he successfully passed his CW exam and got HB9COG as his new call sign.

Sam, being an electrical engineer, is very much interested in all technical aspects (electrical, mechanical and software) of the hobby. He helped Dan, HB9CRQ, building his first station in 1979. Since that time he is the technical leader and chief-engineer for all projects at HB9CRQ’s station.

In 1998 Sam and Dan decided to move Dan’s station to an industrial zone nearby. Sam took on the huge challenge and acted once again as chief engineer and project leader. In 18 month of hard work the huge project was successfully accomplished and the new shack with the new 15m dish in Reinach became QRV.

Sam has a bachelor degree in electronics from the Technical University of Brugg (Switzerland). He runs his own family business since more than 10 years.