Last Updated on 2011-05-30

HB9Q Group Member: HB9EHJ/DL3OCH

Bodo was first licensed as DG1OBJ in 1991 at the age of 16. He was not really active with that callsign due to the fact that he did not have the chance to set up large antennas. In 1993 he decided to pass the CW exam to get access to the 6m band, which was back then very limited in Germany. He got the call DL3OCH and was active with home made transverter on 6m only.

In August 1994 was his first DXpedition to HB0. Here he has found his passion for DXing and DXpeditions. While he first operated in SSB only, he started to operate more and more in CW.

1996 Bodo joined the German Navy where he was based on the sail training ship “Gorch Fock” for almost four years. This was an excellent opportunity for DXpeditions due to lots of sailing around the world. Next to the special callsign DA0GF he activated VP9, CU2, ZB2, EA9,… and many other DXCCs in CW only.

2002, after the first successful tests on 1296 tropo with DJ9YW, he decided to take theequipment on his DXpedition to MJ and MU. Using JT44 it was possible to getfirst QSO between MU-DL on 1296 tropo (884km). This was the key to take 1296 on further DXpeditions and operate even via EME with a single yagi.

Bodo has visited 50 countries and was QRV from 36DXCCs. He activated 16 DXCCs for the very first time on 1296 EME (such as 3A, BY, C6, ZA, TK, IS0…), mostly in JT65 using a single yagi and a transverter with about 90W. Two DXCCs were activated on 430 EME for the very first time.

Next to EME and DXpeditions, he likes hunting and activating IOTAs as well as travelling in general. He also holds lectures (e.g. Ham-Radio, VHF-convention) and publishes articles if his time permits it.

He is an rf engineer and used to work for several years in the antenna development. He recently moved to Switzerland where he takes commercial radio stations world wide into service. This new job will hopefully take him to many more nice DXCC entities.

QRV as: 3A/, 9A/, C6A/, CU2/, EA6/, EA9/, EI, ES1/, HB0/, IA5/, IS0/, IV3/, LX/, MJ/, MU/, OY/, OZ/, SM0/, T9/, T0/, TA1,2,4/, TF/, TK/, VP9/, W1,2,3,4/, YU/, Z3/, ZA/, ZB2/DL3OCH

Also: C6AOC, T00CW, 4O6EME