Last Updated on 2011-06-09

HB9Q Group Member: HB9JAW

He was first licensed as HB9RCI (no CW) December 23rd 1980 at his 17th birthday.

He became immediately QRV on 144MHz Tropo. Two years later he got caught by the weak signal virus on VHF. Tropo, Es, SSB-MS, later CW MS, FAI, Aurora and Satellite became his daily hobby, after work hours only of course.

From 1985 until 1990, due to his profession, he worked in several countries around the world (USA, South Pacific, South America) were he used to be QRV on HF. But only very limited equipment and time was used.

In 1985 he got a permit for a tower of 21m height, with a rather large 2m and 70cm antenna-system. He immediately built 8x16y F9FT on 144 and 8x21y F9FT on 432. This system has been changed in 1990 to 8x17y M2 on 144 and 8x39y M2 on 432. Lot’s off activity had been done on those to bands.

In 1992 he built at the time one off the largest crossed yagi system: 8 x 28x yagis by M2. This system was in use until early 1995.

Also in 1992 he passed his CW test and got his new call-sign HB9JAW.

1995 his antenna permit had been changed from a yagi-set-up to a 11m (36ft) parabolic dish. Michel immediately built a very high precision 11m dish in his backyard. He became QRV with his dish on 432 and 1296 in 1999 and added 2304 in 2004.

In 2005 the swiss authorities informed him that he is no longer allowed to have his dish behind his house. A one year long battle started which finally and unfortunately the authorities won. In April 2006 Michel dismantled his 11m dish and HB9JAW became QRT on 432, 1296 and 2304 MHz EME. In early 2007 Michel became member of HB9Q. Michel and Dan are friends since 1980. Michel did bring his know-how and parts of his equipment to the HB9Q-group. So it was possible to add a new band and become QRV in September of 2007 on 2304 MHz!

Michel is very interested in frequencies higher than 2304 MHz. In his leisure-time he works on “his 10GHz project”. Stay tuned for more information!

Michel is a cook by profession. He spent a lot of years in kitchens around the world. Since 1992 he runs very successfully his family-business restaurant in Neudorf (canton of Lucerne). The restaurant is family-owned and family-run since 1932.