Last Updated on 2011-05-30

HB9Q Group Member: HB9CRQ

Dan was first licensed as HB9PMD (no CW!) in February of 1979 at the age of 17. He was always very keen to work weak signal DX. So he became QRV on 144 and 432 Tropo and enjoyed very much his first Es QSO on 144 the same year. Later he added SSB MS (what a pain!) and Aurora QSOs.

In January of 1983 Dan successfully passed his CW exam and got HB9CRQ as his new call sign. Now DX really became a big thing for him. He started EME on 144 with 8x9el F9FT! CW MS with a tape-recorder was also a lot of fun! In 1984 he made his first 432 EME QSO with 8x19el F9FT. The antennas started to grow and the legal power level was reached soon.

1986 he became QRV 1296 tropo.

1993 Dan was working 6 month in California for his company. He passed all exams up to the Extra Class (including 20WPM CW at that time!). He was very happy to get his US-call AB6XT (which he never used). He applied for his vanity call KT6Q, which he got in 1994.

1994 was a big year for Dan. He was awarded DXCC #5 (all CW) and WAS #136 (all CW) on 144.

In 1998 he had to make a big decision; his station in a residential area, at his parents’ home, needed more and more repair. So the question was, invest to repair and upgrade or change hobby? Well, you know what the decision was! He decided to move his station to an industrial zone nearby and to share his shack with some good “old” friends, who share his passion for weak signal work on VHF and UHF. In 1999 HB9Q was assigned to him and his group and in more than one year of planning and building the new shack with the 15m dish at Reinach became QRV. Since 2000 he is also QRV 1296 EME.

Dan loves to operate, to listen/look for QRPPP stations and work new initials and countries. Due to lack of time he only worked EME the last years.

Dan is an MBA of the University of Berne in Switzerland and did run his family business for 17 years. He sold the company in 2007 at the age of 45. Now he enjoys some more free time for DXing. Of course he still has several other "time-consuming activities" ongoing (business and private).

QRV as: FC0FDM (Corsica Isl.), VK2GUA/1/3/4/5/8, VY1/HB9CRQ, VE8/HB9CRQ, KL7/HB9CRQ, VK8CRQ, VK6COG, 8Q7RQ, V5/KT6Q, KT6Q, 8Q7QQ