Last Updated on 2013-10-05

EME Loggers: EME band chats for 50 - 2300&up MHz

The EME chats (all modes!) are online since October 2007. The feedback of the users (more then 1000 stations are registered, October 2011) is very positive and encouraging. Your comment/feedback is very welcome!

The chats for 432, 1296 and 2300&up became the most used chats for EME on those bands!

The EME chats for 50, 144, 222, 432, 903, 1296, 2300&up are designed for ease of use. We have tried to keep them as simple as possible and focused to support EME work in all modes.

Each band has a separate chat. With one click you move from one band to the other. This in an effort to help the bands with less activity than 144 MHz. So you do not need to search for messages about an other band in the hugh number of messages concerning 144 only.

To use the chats you must register first (see "Register now" on the left side) and fill in the application information and agree to the user-rules. This is needed to keep the chats "clean" and to make some information (call, name, grid, equipment, e-mail address) available to all the users.

Once you are registered you only need to log-in to use the chats. If you wish to log-out, use the log-out button!

With your help the chats were tested during the last 12 month with very good results. However it is still a beta-version. Please help us to find bugs, if there are any, and let us know what could be done better. We appreciate very much your input! Many thanks!

You may ask, why an other 144 chat there are already enough? We wanted to offer seperate chats for all the EME bands. The 144 chat (N0UK) is so bussy, therefore it makes sense to have decicated chats for the other bands. Since the chat software is the same for all bands, we decided to have a 144 and a 50 chat available aswell. The users will determine which one they find best to use and therefore they will make the decission which one is the place to meet.

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