Last Updated on 2013-09-04

HB9Q Group Member: HB9DBM

Mark got his VHF only licence in 1982, his call was HB9RQZ. Soon he met HB9CRQ and HB9RCI (now HB9JAW) on the 2m band  and sure enough got infected by the VHF DX virus. This virus lasts since then, he never was really QRV on HF bands. In 1985 Mark finally passed the CW exam and got his actual call: HB9DBM.
This opened even more possibilities to work DX on VHF: CW weak signal Tropo, high speed CW for Meteor Scatter and finally he managed to build his own small EME station in the late 1980s until the mid 1990s (4x15el yagi, 1KW on 144MHz) and worked 76 DXCC via the moon. Due to a move to a new home he had to take down his antennas and at the new place he was not allowed to build them up again. So Mark became one of the HB9Q founding members.
Mark is a professional software-engineer. His other hobbys are photography and geocaching.