Last Updated on 2013-09-10

HB9Q Group Member: HB9EFK

Being interested in radio for many years Nick passed his VHF-exam in 2001, his call was HB9YIT. In 2003 he passed the CW exam and became HB9EFK.
Nicks favorite bands are 50 MHz and up. He enjoys DXing on all terrestrial modes and of course on EME. Being a professional mechanical engineer he loves to build his own antennas, PAs and accessories. With his friends at HB9QG he often is active during VHF and also HF contests. He is very interested in learning and experimenting with new modes and propagation types.
Although Nick started his career as a mechanical engineer he worked 20 years for the police (he was responsible for a regional police radio network) and since 3 years he works for a Swiss company producing high-tech radio-equipment, where he is in charge of customer-projects worldwide.