Last Updated on 2013-08-11

HB9Q Group Member: HB9KAI

Urs got in fall of 1987 his VHF-license (no CW)and the call HB9XAD. Two years later he passed the CW-exam and upgraded his license-class. The new call is since then HB9KAI.
He has a lot of different interests within amateur-radio; repeater-contacts, SW-QRP, SW-DX, VHF/UHF-DX, contesting (SW and VHF/UHF) and last but not least EME. He's also member of HB9QT (no limit radioclub Sempachersee), with this group he does mainly contests.
Urs enjoys very much building his own antennas, PAs, D-Star adapter and many more.
His professional background is automotive mechanic. Later he became a sewage treatment plant expert. Urs loves to have a demanding job.
His other hobbies are his family, his house and garden and photography.