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To avoid misuse please follow this rules:

  1. The information the users post has to be short, in decent/proper language and written in English (so a majority of users understand it).
  2. A QSO between two stations is a private “conversation” which should not be published by a third party in public! Therefore revealing - through logger spot(s) - QSO information (and QSO progress information) from ongoing third-party QSO's is NOT allowed. Spotting a CQ-sequence of any station is of course okay! It is also OK to provide a report to parties involved in a QSO as long as you do not provide information that will contribute to the QSO - for example "HB9Q nice signal Dan -14 dB".
  3. For a valid QSO (for initial-count, awards, contests) all information needed to complete the QSO MUST be received via EME only.
  4. Revealing - through logger spot(s) - QSO information (and QSO progress information) to your QSO-partner (sked or random) during your ongoing QSO DAMAGES the integrity of the QSO. Therefore it is recommended not to reveal any information about the QSO before it is completed. Exchange QSO information after the QSO or test (if QSO not completed) is of course okay.
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